About Lynnie

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Lynnie Bell

In her years of practicing Art, Lynnie has explored expressing and interpreting spirituality, personal tragedy, love and loss through a multitude of media. She found the unrestricted use of materials and freedom of mixed media combined with intuitive painting works best for her creative process.

Instinctively, she starts each piece with what she refers to as "intuitive collage”.

Lynnie's intuitive collage, consists mostly of her favorite poems, pages of her favorite books, words, shapes, photographs and colors. This unrestricted process sets the intention and mood of the piece. Upon completion of the collage process it is then that the concept for the canvas is born.

In her recent works, the use of intuitive collage as an underlayment in her series “Bodyscapes”, serves as a means of interpreting influences that imprint our souls and the condition of being human.

Lynn, a former resident artist at The Generator has been a contributing artist in numerous exhibitions including the

Liberty Gallery in Reno Nevada and recently an exhibit honoring woman’s breasts and body image in San Francisco California.


Please contact me regarding commission pieces and pricing.